Residential and Nursing Settings

Adularia Therapies and Consultancy's services are for people who want a more tailored approach. We provide programmes to clients needing 1-1 therapy for general relaxation to Wellbeing programmes for those with more complex health issues, through to and including Palliative and End of Life Care, using the soothing process of Reiki and Rosen body work.

Why our services are important

We offer a one to one service or group work, dependent on the therapy or activity process being carried out. This is delivered through verbal communication or hands on treatment. The activity programmes incorporate the use of activity resources for stimulation on a mental and physical level; all of which are adjusted to meet an individual’s needs.


We work with a person by using the holistic approach, addressing their whole wellbeing – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. We call this “The Wellbeing”. By 'spiritual' we mean that which is presented on an observational level, to the therapist on arrival, i.e. the ambience presented by the client. If the spiritual is unbalanced then one or more of the other Wellbeing levels will need attention. Holistic Wellbeing has been proven to promote a general sense of positive Wellbeing.


Our Therapists carefully document all individual cases, building an image of the person and their needs. Beverly and her team are able to work with the language of the individual through verbal or non-verbal communication, incorporating appropriate resources. In turn this produces positive responses and interaction from clients because they know they are understood. A client has never been excluded – all clients can and will benefit from a person-centred programme.

A session can be carried out wherever the client is most comfortable.

Due to numerous requests we also now offer End of Life Care and Palliative Care using the soothing process of Reiki  and Rosen Body Work which brings calm to an individual on all levels.

What we offer

From a very young age Beverly Casey Power, Director of Adularia Therapies and Consultancy, has been surrounded by family members with ill health and very complex needs, some of whom she has helped to care for or actually cared for.


During the care of her loved ones, Beverly had noticed gaps in their care plans (ranging from hospitals to social and health care assessments) and felt holistic care was missing along with intensive ongoing programmes such as physiotherapy after strokes. She experienced people being lost in systems and this meant the client suffered needless loss of care to improve their abilities.

What we offer

Is there anyone we can't help?

In short, the answer is no.

Some clients have been deemed, by their care givers, as beyond therapeutic help, yet we have achieved wonderful results. Just take a look at our testimonials to see the positive achievements we have made with clients.

We have helped stroke clients move limbs they and medical professionals believed they could never move again.

Circulatory disorders are a daily working experience returning dark blue mottled purple and very cold peripheral limbs to their normal colour and temperature after attentive and focused work. Working with clients with high seizure activity and through therapy programmes enable the body and mind to relax on an internal level reducing the seizure activity. This leads to the person having a better quality of life with peace of mind.

We also work with the dying, bringing an acceptance of death on an inner peace level helping the individual, in the final stages, to pass peacefully.

Please do get in touch with us, even if you feel the person you have in mind is beyond help. 

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