Independent and Supported Living Settings

Adularia Therapies field of expertise in this industry is to assess and deliver well-being programmes consisting of two areas as follows:

  • Therapeutic care programmes working with the whole Wellbeing as follows: Physical, Mental, Emotional and The Spiritual Self.

  • Activity programmes for stimulation consisting of physical and mental stimulation programmes.

We offer a one to one service or group work, dependent on the therapy or activity process being carried out. This is delivered through verbal communication or hands on treatment. The activity programmes incorporate the use of activity resources for stimulation on a mental and physical level; all of which are adjusted to meet an individual’s needs.


We work with a person by using the holistic approach, addressing their whole Wellbeing – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Holistic therapy has been proven to promote a general sense of wellbeing. A session can be carried out wherever the client is most comfortable. All time constraints and budgets can be catered for.

Due to numerous requests we also now offer End of Life Care and Palliative Care using the soothing process of Reiki and Rosen Body Work, which brings calm to an individual on all levels.

Therapeutic Programmes

Activity Programmes

Studies have shown that keeping physically and mentally active has huge benefits both for existing health issues and for staying healthy. 

We are proud to offer tailored activity programmes the benefits of which are:


  • Aid relaxation and make you feel more rested.

  • Help you feel healthy and fit.

  • Can improve sleep.

  • Can help reduce tension, anxiety, depression and stress.

  • Helps prevent decline in brain function.

  • Helps with cognitive brain function also Limbic co-ordination.

Hands on Holistic/Complementary programmes incorporate the choice of many treatments which help to bring balance to an individual on a Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual level. The word ‘Holistic’ is used to describe a unique approach to treatment using a range of therapies.

How we work:

  • Detailed consultation carried out to assess client’s needs

  • One-to-one treatment in a place where the client is comfortable

  • 30 minute timescales allocated. (Additional time if assessed and agreed necessary.

  • Adaptations to treatments and how we work will take place according to client and environment requirements

  • We work with symptoms – not against them

  • Individual approach applied

  • Treatment aims to work towards Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

  • There is no fixed beginning or end to treatments as the approach is one of preventative health care and maintenance

  • Aftercare provided at end of session to client or care staff

Our Flexible Working Systems

Adularia Therapies and Consultancy Ltd prides its flexible working programmes to assist the client and therapists during times where appointments may be missed due to Hospital, Doctors, Holidays, Home visits, day trips or other reasons. 

Adularia Therapies have established good communication levels with its homes and generally are informed if a change is required and we are happy to accommodate these needs if notice is given.


Homes, Managers, Staff and clients have given positive feedback on this flexible working system.  This system option works very well for our inconsistent clients giving them choice and flexibility to a working programme which enables inconsistent clients to be included rather than excluded due to their unpredictability on the day of therapy.  

We also pride ourselves on having two Therapist Teams, allowing even more therapy options. 

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