Beverly Power, Director.
Complementary Therapist, Teacher, Coach and Consultant

Beverly Casey Power, Director of the Adularia Group and her team are fully qualified and experienced, Mind and Body Therapists.

Beverly has 18 years experience in the Holistic Field of Complimentary Therapies, accumulating in her extensive experience of working with an individual's Wellbeing consisting of Mental, Emotional and Physical ailments and traumas on a professional and personal level. Beverly offers a Consultancy and Coaching service along with Therapeutic Programmes.

Beverly's personal life has consisted of many challenging roles which have provided her with the important skill of effective communication and problem solving as well as to assess and address a clients needs base.  

Beverly has nursed and cared for many people with illnesses and disabilities such as memory loss, paralysis, severe respiratory dysfunction together with behavioural problems.


Beverly knows how difficult things can feel at times for a client, carer and others supporting people with disabilities, ailments and/or special needs. She is proud that Adularia can extend services to meet their requirements and specialise in tailoring programmes to suit the needs of each individual.


Jessica Power, Director.
Therapy Consultant and Activities Advisor.

Jess is one of the Directors of Adularia and Beverly's daughter. She is a fully trained Therapy Consultant and Activities Advisor. 

Jess' expertise lie in Sports and Fitness for Coaching. She carried out programmes for young children, having been head hunted at the age of 14, to coach a young girls team in football. She worked closely with special needs people, coaching them in sport and helping them to achieve targets within their capabilities both physically and mentally. 

Jess retrained in Complimentary therapies to compliment her desire to use activity as a therapy and this has developed within Adularia. 

Jess now work with Adularia's most complex needs clients delivering Wellbeing programmes on a Therapeutic and Activity level. 

Jess has been surrounded by complex health issues in her family, since a young age, with an active role in providing care both physically and emotionally. She also has her own health issues, after suffering for many years with a great deal of pain, she was diagnosed with Arthritis at the age of eighteen and manage this with the help of complimentary therapies. 

Due to her life experience, Jess is able to connect with her clients and establish a positive rappor, we believe Clients are able to sense her desire to help them leading to a trusting relationship and positive Wellbeing programme's.

Jaimee Davies-Power, Director.

Jaimee has many roles within Adularia Therapies but more background work carrying out administration tasks when needed, helping to prepare for our recent ventures including pop-up events throughout Gloucestershire also assisting with the preparation of presentations.

Jaimee's background is within the sports industry: he is a very self aware individual and his health care on a physical, mental and emotional level is very important to him.

An avid attendee of the gym, tending his physical needs and keeping a balanced Wellbeing are important to him. Jaimee, like his sister, Jessica and him Mum, Beverly, takes great care of his nutritional needs.

Jaimee has always been a passionate footballer he went on to study Excellence In Football Coaching at the incredible Hartpury College. Jaimee has been a coach assisting Special Needs individuals achieve within football. This is facilitated by accommodating an individual's physical and mental needs, this was a role Jaimee enjoyed very much and one he found most rewarding due to goals achieved.

Jaimee is a very forward thinking person setting and achieving targets. Jaimee has in the last nine months taken on a completely different role in his spare time as a supervisor in the night entertainment industry.  Jaimee has been very fortunate to also participate in modelling helping a local clothing range promote their designs which has led to some other opportunities within modelling. Jaimee is very diverse in his skills set and applies it in many exciting and rewarding roles.

A very popular person, Jaimee’s role within the company is very uplifting due to his character being so positive he brings joy to all who work with him.

Debbie Fildew

Complementary Therapist and Co-ordinator

Debbie’s background consists of a working career with the National Health Service working in many roles.  Debbie worked with physiotherapy aiding relaxation both on a one to one level and also within the group setting.  This included the integration of eastern approaches such as Shiatsu Massage, Meditation and Chi Gong in hospital settings and the community, working with the elderly and adults within the Community Mental Health Team delivering these programmes in various geographical areas. 


Debbie specialised in anxiety management within physiotherapy.  Debbie commenced her Rosen Method Body Work training in 2006 completing in 2011. Before joining the Adularia team Debbie worked with Sue Ryder as a Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator organising and delivering therapeutic programmes.

Tim Hall MAR

Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher & Reflexologist.

Tim is a Reiki Master and Massage practitioner and teacher and a Level 3 reflexologist from Gloucester.

Tim has always had an interest in the healing arts and in 2008 decided to make some changes in his life and start his journey to becoming a therapist in the arts. In February 2008 Tim found a Reiki Master and was attuned to the first degree Reiki.

Tim was amazed by the effects Reiki had on his friends, family and himself. He worked hard practicing giving as many treatments as possible, to gain experience and studying Reiki. He progressed quickly through every Reiki degree and in May 2009 became a Reiki Master Teacher, attuned to both Traditional and western style Reiki.


It was at this stage, in 2009, that Tim changed his career, hung up his Landscape Gardening boots, and became a carer in a care home for individuals with complex needs. Tim gained over 6 years’ experience in working with individuals with autism, learning difficulties and mental health issues.

Tim started working as a Support Worker and quickly became a Senior Support Worker.  In 2013 he completed an advanced level apprenticeship (QCF) level 3 in health and social care and then became a House Coordinator for the home.


Tim studied Reflexology to complement and work alongside the Reiki treatments. 

He is a full member of both the Association of Reflexology and the UK Reiki Federation.

Tim is highly experienced in giving treatments to those with special needs as well as with cancer care.

Tracey Martin

Complementary Therapist, Sports Therapist, Facilitator and Teacher

Tracey comes from a background of care both on a personal and professional level during many stages of her life. 


Tracey is very diverse in her experiences of life helping anyone who requires guidance and she has a natural ability to help people transform their life into even more positives.  Tracey is a natural advisor and has skills to seek out information on many levels to aid an individual’s growth empowering everyone who meets her. 


Tracey has applied all of these skills on a professional level working for advisory organisations.  Having worked in roles within charities helping to raise funds for their causes, Tracey will always apply herself to any cause and generate a positive outcome.  She has set up a Gloucester group which is now recognised throughout the south west within the area of her interest. 


Tracey’s professional career in Complementary Therapy spans 18 years and she has gained an extensive range of therapy skills offering comprehensive programmes to all clients who work with her.  Tracey has also nursed and cared for many of her loved ones during her life giving herself unconditionally to help make the final journeys of those loved ones a comfortable one.

Peter Blake

Business Coach & Chartered Accountant. 
Business Advisor Book Keeper for Adularia Therapies Companies.

Peter Blake is a Chartered Accountant , a Master Practitioner of NLP and qualified Life Coach. He has many year experience assisting businesses of all sizes maximise their potential. He operates a traditional Chartered Accountancy practice together with Business Coaching through his company PB Accounting & Coaching Ltd. 

Paul Buzzard

Owner, Cedar Accountancy. Accountant and Advisor for Adularia Therapies Companies

Paul is an extremely well qualified Chartered Public and Finance Accountant – he is a Qualified Member of both the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Chartered Institute of Public and Financial Accountants.

He is also a Licensed Independent Examiner, Licensed Tax Adviser and Chartered IT Professional. He is a past UK Learner of the Year for Vocational Awards and in 2008 was awarded the AAT Past Presidents' Award for outstanding contributions to charity accounting and to the reputation of the AAT. He holds the following charity qualification: CIPFA Certificate in Charity Finance and Accounting, Association of Charity Independent Examiners Certificate in Charity Accounting and the London South Bank University’s Postgraduate Diploma in Charity Finance.

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